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Archives (5th December 2015): December updates

We have progressed a great deal with Tahir’s application for the humanitarian visa for Australia. There is still some work to be done on details, and editing, but it looks better and better. Hopefully, we will be able to be ready to submit it still in December 2015. In the meanwhile, as expected, there is no response, or news from the Polish authorities to the letter that we sent to them a few weeks ago. Very sad about it, but not surprised. I will be travelling to Myanmar for work next week. While there, I will be helping in assessment of new projects that my organisation may be implementing in the country in 2016. Definitely should be interesting, and looking forward to it, especially that much of the work will relate to the displaced populations - the group that is especially dear to me! Finally, a bit of a personal drama. The new authorities in Poland prepare for changes that make me very sad and uncomfortable. Poland is turning right, and much of our freedoms will be curbed - this I have very little doubt of. Given that these changes have a great support from the public indeed, I just feel alienated and very unhappy. I feel that there is no place for me left in Poland. Therefore I am now undertaking steps to leave the country permanently. I am now looking for opportunities to settle in another EU country (given that I have an international job, I am seeking for my new European base). Portugal, Spain, Malta and Romania are high on my lists so far. I will keep you updated on decisions, based on what is possible.