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Migrating is a human right

Mexico City, Mexico, June 2021

I am in Mexico City! One of my childhood dream is coming true. But the capital is just a first stop. Tomorrow, I am heading northwards to Aguascalientes, where together with Carlos and his family, I will have a chance to get to know parts of the country that are a little more 'off the beaten track'.

My first impressions of the Mexico City are extremely positive. It is a huge city, yet somehow friendly and cosy (okay, I get it: I am only referring to the tiny part of the city, which I had a chance to visit). What I like so far is that it seems to be open. People are friendly towards foreigners, and make everyone welcome, regardless their nationality, race, religion, or gender. The sign 'Migration is a human right', which I found just outside of the hotel sums it up very nicely, I think.

Today, I will be venturing out to the Old City, which I am told is quite spectacular!

As I said, tomorrow the travel continues. I will be taking pictures, so that I can share with you later on!