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Archives (28th March 2018): Preparing for Portugal

It is late at night, and I am experiencing an insomnia in Hat Yai, the city in the southern part of Thailand, very close to the border of Malaysia. I am here on the mission to visit one of the Thai’s Immigration Detention Centres (IDCs), where some of the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar were caught, while trying to make their way to their ‘dreamland’, e.g., Malaysia. I am sure, tomorrow will be an emotional day. Visiting IDCs always is. No matter how often you have experience it, there is always the feeling of gross injustice to see people imprisoned, solely because they were running for their lives…

Dealing with forced migration and other humanitarian issues in the regions has made me very, very tired. I am now ready for a break and recharging batteries. Luckily, my holidays start this weekend!

I will first spend 3 days with Tahir in eastern Thailand’s Rayong. A quiet town on the seaside. Then, on Monday evening will depart for Vienna, and then later to Lisbon. From Lisbon will take a car to my beloved Obidos! I will spend in Portugal around 10 days. You even can’t imagine how happy this makes me!

So even if quite exhausted now, looking forward to, hopefully, some nice and relaxing days ahead. Then, I will submerge in Bangladesh, but this deserves a separate post altogether.