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Archives (22nd December 2017): Time with friends

My last ‘before-Christmas’ mission is about to finish, and I am ready to go home, so that I can indulge myself in Christmas and New Year celebrations.

This year, I am going to spend my time in Bangkok, and celebrate the holidays with family and friends there! The Christmas weekend will be easy going, with lots of food and chats at home, but also at my friends’ place. Together with Tahir, we will also travel out of Bangkok a bit.

While there are not immediate plans for the New Year’s Eve, lots of excitement should happen in early January. A friend of mine Marta with her daughter Bebba will make it to Bangkok all the way from Akureyri in Iceland, and then, a few days later, my mother will join us from Nowy Sacz of Poland too! We will spend considerable amount of time together - enjoying each other’s company and exploring the beauties of Thailand!

I am am happy to get excited by the prospects of being with people that I care about and love, also to counter-balance all the negative experiences that I have in relation to world’s politics. The news messages that reach us from the politicians back home in Poland, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Middle East or really worrying statements coming from the United Nations General Assembly (yesterday, I had a feeling that the world’s politicians are gearing up for the WW3, when listening to reports coming from New York) make me really upset. So I was just thinking to myself that now it was more important than ever to appreciate small moments of our lives enjoy time that we have left with people that are important to us.

I hope that you all have some good plans ahead of you!