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Archives (15th June 2016): June in Europe and few words on BREXIT

Just got back from Poland. It was a crazy and exhausting trip, but worth it. I went there just for 5 days, so that I could see my parents and some friends in Nowy Sacz, and then Sister Chmielewska, who lives in a small village of Nagorzyce in southern/central part of the country. Some of you, following the story of Tahir are aware that Sister Chmielewska has become extremely involved in our fight of bringing Tahir to Poland, so he could start his new life there. The visit was wonderful… I do not have any other words but precisely this: wonderful. Perhaps hardly surprising, but Sister Chmielewska proves to be what I expected from her. A strong, but compassionate woman, who so strongly believes that everyone, regardless of faith, skin colour, gender… deserves life in dignity. The tenants of her house only confirm this. I met her friends, some foreigners, some disabled, some who are not Christian. Something that should be a norm appears like a rarity in today’s Poland, where we tend to fear those who differ from the mainstream. Meeting her, and talking to some people in her home restored my faith in humanity! Definitely!

So, when with Sister, we discussed our strategy on what could still be done to bring Tahir over. We both agree that the chances of getting him to Poland are slim. this being written, there is a desire to keep on fighting! We both hope, there will be some happy resolution for Tahir!

Now, back to Bangkok. A bit jet-lagged but motivated. What however spoils my good spirit a bit is a prospect of the referendum in the UK that is about to take place on 23rd May. It seems quite certain that the Brits will vote to leave the EU. It makes me sad. I believe at the idea of the EU, and I am sad to see that the UK will leave it, especially because of the reasons why people seem to be wanting to let the project go.