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2020 summer updates

Summer fullmoon, Casco Viejo, Panama, July 2020

Many of us look at 2020 with disbelief, and wish that 'it was cancelled' altogether. The world is undergoing one of the, if not the biggest global crisis that most of the living human beings remember.

So many things have already gone wrong this year, and it is only July. I am fearing that more unwelcoming and disturbing news will be still coming our way soon. The latest political developments in Hong Kong, presidential elections in Poland, forest fire season in the Amazons, second/third wave of the coronavirus, the bankruptcies of countries, presidential elections in the United States… the list for events that may turn into regional or even global crises is long. There are also opportunities, clearly, but given the poor choices that we, as humanity, seem to be making, I am not optimistic.

Given that I am from Poland, I am watching the political scene there. This weekend (tomorrow and Sunday), we will be voting for the new president (runoff between two candidates). The electoral predictions give 50% chance of winning/losing to both of the candidates. This head-to-head race can turn into anything really. Given two very different visions for managing the politics (one being intolerant, xenophobic, nationalistic, overplaying the importance of Polish culture and Catholicism; the other one representing more liberal attitudes, with certain openness to various minorities, more forward thinking to international cooperation and seeing Poland as the part of the European integration), the result will have profound significance on the future of the country. I am worried that regardless of who wins, Poland will experience rough time, with the supporters of the 'losing' candidate not being able to accept the results… I do expect major protests across the country in weeks to come. Not pretty, if you ask me. I just hope that I am wrong, and things will clear off in a way that I can not see it yet.

On a positive note, I have just received the feedback of my income tax declaration in Portugal, for the year 2019. It is already the 4th time I am paying my income tax in the country, which confirms that I am starting my 5th year of residence. Being able to be a resident of Portugal gives me some peace of mind, and makes me really happy, as I am increasingly disappointed with the developments in my native Poland. Not only that the country is extremely beautiful, and its people are friendly… Portugal is also a country which seem to be representing values that I feel comfortable with. It is open to migrants, it considers European integration to be vital for its success, and cherishes minorities, it is considerate to the disadvantaged. I am certainly looking forward to be able to apply for my permanent residency next year, and then the citizenship soon after. Keep your fingers crossed!