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Archives (28th June 2018): Time to rest, we are going to Koh Chang!

I am exhausted by the amount of meetings, seminars and travelling that I have done within last 4 weeks. Yesterday, I travelled back from Dhaka to Bangkok, and when I arrived home, I went to bed and slept for 11 hours non-stop. It felt good, and I still feels good, as I can relax for a little bit longer. I am starting my mini holidays today and will be free from work until next Friday (the full week). Having all this free time at hand gives us an opportunity to explore some of Thailand’s beauty. Tomorrow, together with Tahir, we will drive to Ko Chang in eastern part of the country. We already went there some time ago, when my mother was around in January, but we liked it so much that we decided to return and spend some more chilling time there. Can’t wait to get there. Hurrah!

Right after returning from holidays, I will be travelling to Jakarta, where I will participate in the UNHCR advocacy/awareness raising event on urban refugees living in Indonesian cities. UNHCR will show the movie featuring lives of the refugees in the country, which will be followed by the discussions on what we can all collectively do to make the lives of the refugees a bit easier and more bearable. As the event will be attended by the officials from the Government of Indonesia, we hope that we will all be able to engage in some good conversations that may lead with policy changes that will be beneficials to those who needed to flee their homes in search of safety and protection.