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A visit to the Pomerania Euro Region


After hours of discussions with Mum, with have chosen that this autumn, we will travel to the Pomerania Euro Region, more exact: Usedom, the island shared between Germany and Poland. We start our trip, this coming Saturday, and will take a route through Poland and Germany. The trip is long, as it is 900 km. Good news is that both Mum and I can drive, so we should be fine. We thought, it was safer to take a private car, rather than a train, bus or a plane, given the threats related to the COVID pandemic. We will stay on the Polish side, in the town of Swinoujscie, but will be visiting both sides of the island. We decided to go there, as the place is meant to be beautiful, full of opportunities for walking and cycling, not crowded (important in the era of COVID) and with excellent infrastructure, when it comes to cosy lodging and tourist activities. Some of the attractions and features of the Usedom Island (both sides of the border) are well described on this website in English.

We shall stay on the Baltic Sea for 5 days. After the visit, we are returning to Nowy Sacz, where I spend the last week, before returning to Panama.