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And the lockdown blues continues...

Living-room in my apartment in Panama City, May 2020

I am quite disappointed, as I hoped that I would be able to get out of my flat this weekend and walk. The reality is different, as the Panamanian authorities have decided not to ease-up the restrictions to the public yet. It is already the beginning of ninth week, and it is increasingly difficult.

A friend of mine has managed to have a very interesting book to me. So, I am reading a fascinating however a bit depressing 'Winners Take All' by Anand Giridharadas. The author tries providing analyses and examples of why the wealthy and mighty entrepreneurs fail 'changing with world' and deal with the most urging problems that the humanity faces. So far, the book proves to be a thought-provoking and to some extent an eye opener to why the wealthy behave as they do. I also need to admit that the examples given make me think of that humans, in general, regardless of their economic status do like defending their actions. It is a natural thing to do. However, justifying your actions when you have disproportionally large amount of power over resources (thus lives of other people) is trickier to defend. Given this, in my mind, we all need to confront ourselves with questions on how our behaviour contributes to well-being (or lack of it) of the societies we live in. I may reflect more on what I have read, after I finish the book. For now, these are my first reflections.

There is a new development related to COVID in Latin America, which is catching my attention. As the societies in the region take a major hit in various levels, some individuals and organisations try finding scapegoats for their poor performance in dealing with the crisis. Sadly, it is the migrants that are often pointed the fingers at. We receive reports from countries across the region of increased xenophobia towards the foreigners, so much so that migrants become so scared that they go to hiding, or take risks to leave their 'newly adopted' countries in search of a better and safer future elsewhere. This is dramatic, exposes people to unnecessary suffering. Inhumane, by all accounts, as far as I am concerned. Very sad!

On a positive note, Mum and family in Nowy Sacz continues to be fine and safe, and so does Tahir in Toronto. This, definitely, makes me happy and puts me at ease.

I hope, you all keep well and safe!