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Gearing up towards the end of the year

Bom Sucesso, Portugal, November 2022

Three weeks in Portugal passed very fast, and just like that, I am back to Panama. I had a wonderful holiday with family and friends in Portugal, and a great New York visit (however short), and now recharged, so that I enjoy my work related challenges at the end of the year.

I am now preparing for my trip to Chile. At the beginning of December, I should be going there to visit on one of our projects that we run with UNHCR, whose aim is to give emergency assistance to Venezuelan refugees arriving to the country. For various reasons, the project in Chile is very dear to me. Not only that the humanitarian needs are substantial, the project is sentimental to me, as I helped in designing our humanitarian intervention there two years ago. I am definitely looking forward to checking on how things go and how the situation may have changed for the refugees, so that we can adjust our interventions in the future. We are hoping to prepare some visual materials from the project, and once ready, I will share all with you, so that you can appreciate a bit the successes and challenges faced by our beneficiaries when starting their new lives in Chile.

In addition to my immediate responsibilities, I am preparing myself for interviews that will determine what I may be doing after my deployment in Panama finishes. Next week, there should already be some further information on potential opportunities, and I am anxious to find out what those may be. Really hoping that something interesting will come up! Again, I will keep you posted.