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Archives (11th April 2018): Writing from Obidos, my new base in Portugal

I have already been to my new home in Óbidos over a week. Time flies, especially, when one enjoys oneself a great deal. I am having a wonderful time here. Started arranging the house where I live, and organising my life ‘more permanently’, that is as ‘permanently’ as it is possible in my case.
The week here has been filled up with hundreds of reflections and sighs such as: ‘oh gosh, this is such a beautiful place’, or ‘my goodness, I can’t believe that I am that lucky to be able to call this place my home’, or ‘I love Portugal’, and so on and so forth… Goes without saying that I am really happy to have made this country my base. The people here are really friendly, it is spectacularly beautiful, peaceful and comfortable in the same time. There are hardly any criticism that I can think of at the moment. Portugal really seems to be working for me.

Except shopping for furniture and items that I need to make my life comfortable in my new place, I have made sure to spend time walking and driving around my neighbourhood and vicinities around Óbidos. The town itself is just spectacular, but all villages and smaller municipalities are all gems - very often undiscovered by large scale tourism, and thus retaining lots of old and traditional charm. It is difficult to put in words how beautiful the area is, so I thought that I would encourage you to visit this gallery with my pictures, so that you can have a little taste of central-western part of Portugal.

But all what is good needs to finish. I am now slowly preparing to go back to Thailand and then off to Bangladesh soon after. Despite loving it here, I am looking forward to be meeting Tahir soon, and checking on how he is doing there. I am already travelling on Friday, so I guess that my next update will already be written in Asia.