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European Humanitarian Forum

Centre of Brussels, Belgium, January 2023

I am getting ready to go to the airport and travel to Brussels. Next week, I will be participating in the European Humanitarian Forum (EHF) and then will continue with my organisation's conference for the head of offices (HoO) from around the world.

The EHF will gather humanitarian practitioners and political leaders, as well as academics discussing on how we bridge ever going humanitarian needs with little resources. Clearly, given my job, I will be advocating for the needs in Venezuela, but I am very interested to hear and learn on management of migration crises around the world. As the world, we are shamefully falling behind looking after the most vulnerable people, and as such any ideas on how make things at least a little better are worth considering.

During the HoO meeting, we will be focusing on challenges and standards and peculiarities related to work of ECHO (my own organisation). While it is going to be super busy, I am actually looking forward to be meeting my colleagues and friends whom I have not seen for a long time!