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Archves (20th December 2017): Back to Myanmar for a few days

Yangon is one of these cities that is impossible not not love. The architecture of the old town, of the multiple temples is stunning and the people are very, very kind. I was therefore happy to learn that my organisation wanted me to spend a few days here, right before Christmas and New Year celebrations.

After returning from my Dad’s funeral, I had a rather busy time at work, but also lots of things kept on happening in my personal life. In Bangkok we had a visit of Paula - one of Tahir’s resettlement sponsors. We had a chance to spend some time together and travel within Bangkok and Chonburi. What was the best is that Tahir had a chance to get to know here a bit more, which is important, given that he is likely to interact with Paula and her family and friends, when he finally makes it to Canada.

I am still trying to come to terms with Dad’s departure. It feels numb often, and I keep on being worried about Mum a great deal. She seems to be doing okay, but I keep worrying. Great news is that she is coming to visit us in Bangkok soon, and we will be able to spend time together.

There are some exciting news from work. It seems like I will start following programmes in Tajikistan, Kazakstan, Kirgistan and Turkmenistan in 2018. I am really thrilled and excited. It will be challenging, as I know relatively little about this part of Asia, but also very exciting, as I will hopefully be able to learn a whole lot about new places!

Hope you all have a great time preparing for Christmas and New Year!