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Upcoming humanitarian missions


I may be excited with lots of changes in my life: new apartment, new friends, and a new city to live in, but the main reason why I am in Panama is my humanitarian service that I am meant to be providing to the communities in need in various countries of the region.

Although, I still need to get into a full swing, when it comes to work, I am already making some plans for my next work related missions.

As it seems now, I will soon (first week of September) be travelling to Venezuela, where I am going to spend some time learning about the latest situation of those, who are affected by the ongoing crisis. Right after that, I would be travelling to Bogota in Colombia, where I am going to learn a bit more on the situation of the Venezuelan refugees in the country. Finally, I am also preparing to travel to Curacao and Bonaire in the Caribbean Sea, where I am mean to be participating in the disaster simulation exercise arranged by the Civil Protection Agency of the Netherlands.

As usual, I will be sharing thoughts and my experiences, as these journeys actually take place.