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Archives (6th September 2015): Central Europe and refugees

As many of the European countries struggle to find a solution to a crisis caused by an influx of refugees from Syria and northern Africa to Europe, the 4 Central European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) have sent a shockwave across the continent by sending a clear signs that they are not likely to support any European consensus on obligatory sharing of burden of accepting refugees on their own soil.

Regardless of whether these countries will eventually decide to soften their position or not, I am astounded to learn that after suffering so much during the recent world war, as well as decades of communism, we are so unwelcoming and unable to offer a helping hand to those who really need it. Perhaps, we should all remind ourselves that we are all signatories of Universal Human Rights Declaration, and as such have responsibilities towards refugees. If our countries are unable to accept humanistic approach to the crisis, perhaps at least we would be able to consider our international obligations that we have subscribed to?