Sister Malgorzata Chmielewska

Malgorzata Chmielewska

Sister Malgorzata Chmielewska and her work for the most deprived in Poland: the excluded: disabled, homeless, refugees… keeps on inspiring me. For all those, who would like to learn who this formidable lady is, you may click on this link to read a short resume of Sister Chmielewska.

It is hot here!

It is hot

Okay, it is a hot season here, but even the Thais are complaining that the weather has gone loopy! We are experiencing some of the worst heat waves in the recorded history of Thailand. When I experience the heat wave here, and see how dry it is everywhere, and how much the drought has actually affected the farmers across the whole region, I am astounded by the statement of the Prime Minister of Poland that decarbonisation of the Poland’s economy goes against the interests of the country, I am astounded that instead of trying to truly embrace technologies that limit gas emissions, Poland still keeps on living an illusion that carbon can be clean… Funny that we still think that the social, economic and physical aspects of the global unrest that the climate change will cause will not affect Poland… I just already see my country embracing all the climate change refugees that will need to be relocated from areas flooded by seas… Disgrace!

Travelling to Australia

australia flag

As usual, I have arrived to the airport unreasonably early… I always do it: I arrive to airport well before the flight is scheduled, as I worry that there may be unforeseen circumstances that would make me miss my flight. 

So here I am, at the Bangkok International Airport, having 3 hours to kill, waiting for my flight to Brisbane. I am very excited to be travelling to Australia. It should be an exciting and interesting trip - not only as it is mainly about advocating for Tahir’s relocation to Australia, but also because I will be able to meet many of my friends! Australia: here I come! I hope you treat me well!

Advocating for Tahir

No human is illegal

In a week, I will be going to Australia again. This time, the trip is going to be all about Tahir, and our attempts to relocating him to a safe place, so that he could finally start his LIVING, rather than being in a vacuum, in which he is now. When in Australia, I will be talking to people who have engaged in helping him. Together, we will be trying to work out strategies on the best way to proceed. Please keep your fingers crossed!

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