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Since being a little boy, I have always dreamt of exploring the world. Being born disabled and in a communist country, where travelling was considered to be a privilege to be exercised only by the most influential members of the society. I worried that my physical condition, and a lack of access to a passport would never allow me to see the world.. Yet somehow, in the most unexpected way, the privilege of exploring our planet has been granted to me, in the most extraordinary manner. Not only that I travel for pleasure… My professional life is defined by reaching out to new places, discovering new situations, new people and new cultures. The above map indicates places that I have had a chance to visit and experience so far.

Travel resources that I often use

lataj pl My favourite flight-booking company. Service tailored to Polish customers mainly.

Nowy Sacz: An official website of Nowy Sacz, a town where I was born and brought up, southern part of Poland.

Obidos: An official website of Obidos, a town in Portugal, which I am hoping to become my new home.

Your future flights banner

Flightdiary: An application showing the stats of my flights (past and future ones). The banner above indicates my planned flights.

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