Sometimes, pictures tell more than written stories. Enjoy some of photos from various moments of my life, arranged in different galleries. Enjoy viewing them!

Magical Sukhothai


Beginning of March brought a long weekend for us in Thailand. Together with Tahir, and some other friends, we decided to visit a new place: Sukhothai and its vicinity. Sukhothai is around 400 km north of Bangkok and is primarily known for its ancient town (which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List). The place turned out to be magical and definitely has become my favourite in Thailand. Except beautiful architecture, there is also some stunning nature too! Judge it on your own, by visiting this gallery.

Travelling to the Pacific to help bridging humanitarian needs caused by the Severe Tropical Cyclone Gita


The Pacific is incredible in so many various ways. People are warm, hospitable, and live their lives as if tomorrow never existed. The countries in the region are of exceptional beauty, which many of us tend to associate with ‘paradise on earth’. Yet, the islands of the Pacific are frequently ravaged with powerful storms and cyclones, which can destroy literally everything on their ways and pose a real threat to people’s well being and frequently their very existence. In February 2018, a very powerful cyclone, referred to as Gita hit the islands of Tongatapu and 'Eua in the Kingdom of Tonga. As it became clear that the scale of devastation was going to be big, I was sent to the region to help bringing humanitarian needs that the disaster brought to the country. 

The gallery (click for link here) shows the images from the trip: You will be able to catch some glimpses of Tonga - its beauty, but also the destruction that the calamity has brought to its people, nature and infrastructure; and also Suva of Fiji, and Sydney of Australia - the two places that I visited on the way to and from Tonga. 

Mum visiting Thailand


Felt really happy to see mum visiting us in Thailand. Together with my Icelandic friends, and Tahir, we had a wonderful time having mum in the country. Here are some pictures from this special time together!

Thailand A.D. 2018


It is already my 4th year in Thailand with ECHO. To mark the anniversary of living in this country, as well as my gratitude for hosting me to this amazing country and her people, I am creating this new album that is meant to collect some random pictures of my life in Thailand. The album will be updated throughout the year, so please keep on returning!

Typhoon Tembin: the humanitarian consequences for people of Mindanao in southern Philippines


Christmas 2017 was a busy period for the humanitarian aid agencies working in the southern part of the Philippines. The rather weak tropical storm, referred to as the Typhoon Temblin brought an unusually high amount of rainfall. This in turn, cause massive destruction of communities. Flash floods and widespread mudslides devastated and in some cases wiped out entire villages and communities. Hundreds of people lost their lives and around half a million were affected in one or another way, with thousands and thousands losing their houses. The situation is even more complicated, given that the catastrophe took place in areas and vicinities of Marawi, where an active conflict and displacement due to the conflict still is ongoing. 

Here are some of the pictures from the assessment mission and rapid response mission from the place. 

As we celebrate Christmas, please consider supporting people who may have suffered. Donating to the Red Cross, or to Action Against Hunger: the organisations that do an amazing work to provide the most needed relief to the victims of this calamity!

Ancient Thailand in a nutshell


Just at the outskirts of Bangkok, there is an amazing park, where one can admire replicas of the most important Thai architectural wonders. 

Here are some pictures from a day in this amazing park, referred to as ‘Ancient City’. Some of the pictures were taken by Tahir. 

In addition, you may find some information from the ‘Ancient City’ at this official link of the ethnographical museum

Spending time with Mum


Sadly in November 2017, my Dad passed away. Clearly, this was a very sad and traumatic experience for the family. In order to honour Papa, and spend time together with Mom, we decided to go for a retreat to Karpacz in western Poland. We also made some side trips to towns in the Czech Republic and Germany. Here are some pictures from the trip

Dhaka, my love!


Many would not consider Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh to be a nice city. It may be huge, overwhelming and can definitely be messy. This being written, I find this megacity to be full of character and positive vibe. Here are some pictures of Dhaka from my recent walk around the city. Enjoy!

Rohingya refugee camps in southern Bangladesh


In November 2017, I had a chance to visit Bangladesh again. Given my line of work, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis happening in Myanmar and Bangladesh, the main focus of the visit was visiting the Rohingya refugee camps in southern part of Bangladesh (Cox’s Bazar area). 

The refugee crisis in Bangladesh is one of the most significant one that the humanity faces in 2017. The challenges are complex and overwhelming. All of us need to do much, much more to deliver, or not to disappoint those who need our attention.

Here are the links to the pictures from the camps, and here from the helicopter ride from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka.

November in Sri Lanka


So I had a chance to go to Sri Lanka for the second time. This time, I went there to participate in a training, but also, had a chance to have a weekend off - a great opportunity to celebrate my birthday. Sri Lanka truly is a paradise, and I am very happy to have had a chance to visit again. Here are some pictures that you can see

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