Sometimes, pictures tell more than written stories. Enjoy some of photos from various moments of my life, arranged in different galleries. Enjoy viewing them!


Settling in Portugal: the following step is done!


April 2016 has brought my plans of settling in Portugal permanently a little bit closer. Together with my friend Kate, we travelled around Obidos area looked at around 15 properties, with an intention of choosing one for purchase, so that we can establish our future home there. The mission was very successful, as we found a place in the centre of the town of Obidos, which we would like to buy. Now, we are negotiating the price, and talking to the banks. If all goes according to a plan, we should be able to sign a contract and start moving there really soon. The gallery presents some pictures of the house that we found, but also shows the beauty of Obidos, and the surroundings of the town. Enjoy viewing!

Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh


As persecution of Rohingya people in Myanmar intensifies, more and more flee the country. The majority of the Rohingya, due to the geographical proximity, end up in Bangladesh. This gallery presents some pictures of how the refugee camps for the Rohingya look like in Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh. Although, the life in the camps is very tough, it is good to remember that Bangladesh is a poor country, and it is important to recognise that the country and the society should only be praised for extending a welcoming hand to those who need to flee their own country. I only wished that may native Poland was as accommodating in helping those in need! Here is a link to the gallery. 

Bangkok: the city and its canals


Together with Paula and Tahir, and some other friends that came to visit from Canada and France, we went for a day to explore Bangkok’s eastern neighbourhoods. Canals, floating markets, endless amount of temples. Lots of charm. Check out the pictures yourselves!

Winter break 2016


2016 has definitely been an exhausting year, and somehow humbling. The end of it is bringing some time off, and time for reflection. As I travel around southern Thailand and parts of Poland, some very disturbing news keep on coming from Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and indeed my native Poland. I wished that at least the end of December is ‘less exciting’, but I guess it is not meant to be. At least, my break appears to be ‘more traditional’ and allows for some relaxation and happy chats with people that are important to me!

Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh


October 2016 has brought a new wave of violence in Myanmar. As a result thousand of oppressed and persecuted Rohingyas have fled the trouble region of Rakhine (Myanmar) to Bangadesh’s Cox’s Bazar. This gallery shows some pictures from various parts of this region of Bangladesh, where the refugees are.

Mongolia’s summer


Last summer, I had a chance to visit Ulaanbaatar and southern part of Mongolia again. It was amazing to admire the country during the warmer part of the year. It does look very different from what I am used to in the winter.

Triplex 2016 and visiting Norway


End of September brought me to Norway’s south. I went there to participate in a simulation exercise, which was supposed to prepare us to provide a humanitarian response to a natural catastrophe. Together with 400 people from various organisations form across the world, we exercised to responding to a typhoon… While in Norway, between trains, busses and planes, I did manage some sightseeing too. Please enjoy the pictures!

Sri Lanka


August 2016 has brought me to Sri Lanka. Without doubts, I think it is one of the nicest countries that I have ever visited! Just look at the pictures yourself!

Erawan and Sai Yok National Park in western Thailand


Very lucky to have had a five days-long weekend. It would have been wrong not to travel… We went to Erawan and Sai Yok national parks in Kachananburi region of western Thailand. Stunning: have a look!

Helsinki and Nagorzyce


A few pictures from a short spring trip to Poland and Finland, which I had in June 2016. I met some really nice people there, and had lots of fun. Enjoy these pictures of northern Europe in spring!

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